Friday, December 5, 2008

Call me Joseph

Call me Joseph.

Some years ago, never mind how long precisely, having little or no writing experience, and nothing particular to interest me in the world, I thought I would wander about a little and explore the uncharted aspects of the imagination.

Wary editors often warn their authors away from these perilous areas of fiction, and not without reason. Many a book lies forgotten at the bottom of the waste paper basket because its writer dared to go where no publisher would follow. The broadsides of disbelieving readers sink most of these manuscripts, while the Kraken, known in the native tongue of literary critics as “It-Was-All-Just-a-Dream,” drags the others down to their doom.

It takes a brave or foolish man to sail into the unexplored oceans of literature with nothing but a blank page to catch the winds of inspiration and a pen to steer the way.

Did I mention I am a brave fool? Well, I am and so I will dare to discover the land of my dreams no matter how perilous the passage.

Will you cast anchor with me from the humdrum harbor of the Old World of Reality? Will you set sail with me in search of the surreal shores of the New World of Imagination? Will you drop your duffle bag of disbeliefs at the dock and join me on my incredible journey?

I hope you will, but I must warn you once you have been beyond the edges of the map there is no going back, only onward, ever onward till the end.

And so it has arrived, your moment of your choice.

Shall you stop here and live a long life of blissful ignorance or shall you continue to read and risk a much shorter life of misadventure with me?

If you decide to stop, then close this blog. No hard feelings. Not everyone is ready for a life of misadventure, though perhaps one day you will revisit me and turn over a new page in your life.

If you decide to continue, then subscribe to this blog. I will consider it a sign of good faith between us and like two new friends we shall sit down for a while and get to know each other by telling our stories, sharing our dreams, and sailing into the unknown together.